Chartered accountants associated with experts in special business operations and restructuring

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Acciaro e Associati firm was founded in January 2017, on the initiative of Mr. Giuseppe Acciaro, founder and soul of the firm, after a decade of activity and experience in the field of Corporate Restructuring and Reorganization. The creation of this new structure is based on a highly specialized approach by members and collaborators, which provide customers with high quality professional standards, together with complete availability, flexibility and customer care.

The Activities

The firm deals mainly, but not only, with:

- Debt-side Extraordinary Financial Operation:

Recovery plans pursuant to art. 67 L. Fall.
Debt restructuring agreements pursuant to art. 182 bis L. Fall.
Restructuring agreements with financial intermediaries pursuant to art. 182 septies L. Fall.
Agreement with Creditors pursuant to art. 160 L. Fall.
Agreement with creditors enabling the continuity of the Business pursuant to art. 186 bis L. Fall.
Support in bankruptcy proceedings.

FExtraordinary Finance operations relating to Alternative Financing Instruments:

Financial bills
Government guarantee funds

Receiverships at the Law Courts of:


Planning of Extraordinary Corporate Finance Operations for Business Growth, Development, and Concentration:

Transfer of business branches
Company contributions
Corporate transformations
Company evaluations
Business Plan Preparation

As well as all the ordinary activities such as:

Accounts Managing and Book-keeping
Corporate constitution
Drafting of Annual accounts
Tax Compliance
VAT and IRAP (Regional Business tax) returns
Communications and Certifications
Certified company registration and architectural documentation
Practices to request regional, national and European non-repayable equities.

The team

Founding Partner


He graduated in Business Administration at the University of Sassari in 2002, in 2003 he obtained, with honors, the 2nd level University Master Degree in Accounting, Financial Statements and Financial Control at the University of Pavia. He carries out his apprenticeship at the Cocchini Amadio Simonelli Firm in Milan and then collaborates with a firm of associated professionals, as the Coordinator of Corporate Extraordinary Finance Operations and Management of Bankruptcy Procedures. He currently collaborates with Il Sole 24Ore as an expert and author of articles, focuses, instant books and specialist dossiers annexed to the newspaper on newsstands. He holds courses, conferences and lectures at major national events, hosted by newspapers, publishing companies and professional associations throughout the Italian territory.

He has held and currently holds positions as Auditor in Supervisory Bodies and Boards of Directors of listed and unlisted companies.


In addition, Mr. Acciaro is Chairman of the Sub-Committee “Agreement among creditors enabling the continuity of the business” established at the Study Commission “Crisis, Reorganization, Restructuring” of the Board of Chartered Accountants of Milan.



She graduated in Economics and Business Administration at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, in 2003. She began her work experience in the Italian Stock Exchange, in the Research and Development office, where she remained for 7 years, in charge of market analysis. In 2009 she joined an international major pharmaceutical company based in Milan, dealing with Business Development (BD), Market Analysis and the drafting of Business Plans. In the Acciaro Firm, she actively participates as Associate and Responsible for the BD activities, maintaining a corporate back-ground that allows for greater affinity and synergies with customer requests.

Accountant and Statutory Auditor


He graduated in Business Administration and in Consulting and Business Management at the University of Sassari in 2010. In 2012 he earned the Master in Tax Law at the Business School of Il Sole 24Ore in Milan, in 2013 the Ipsoa Master in “Bankruptcy and Insolvency Proceedings” and in 2014, Ipsoa again, the Master in Book-keeping and Budgeting. He carried out his apprenticeship at an Accounting firm in Milan. Within the Acciaro Firm he is the expert in Tax and Fiscal matters, both at national and international level.

He is also a member of the Tax Litigation Commission of the Board of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Milan.



She graduated with honors in Economics and Business Legislation at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan. In the Firm she carries out her apprenticeship dealing with fiscal and ordinary advice. She also helps in other activities related to extraordinary transactions with particular regard to bankruptcies and agreement among creditors.


The Firm Acciaro&Associati is always looking for young and enthusiastic students and fresh graduates to insert inside its structure, with particular attention to those who showed a deep interest to legal matters, referring to business law, company law and the law of the crisis.

The Firm is based in Milano, Sassari, Olbia-Tempio and Cagliari. The selection process and interviews will be conducted by the Associates and the senior professionals and will be finalised to select the best candidates with respect to objectivity criteria, transparency and respect of equal opportunity. Particular attention will be paid to personal behavioural characteristics, attitudes and technical knowledge. We, at the Acciaro&Associati Firm, direct our attention to the people and we strongly believe that every individual is able making his job in a very good manner, provided that this perfectly suits with his/her characteristics and we can discover, address and emphasise your abilities and attitudes.


During the integration phase, the new staff will be supported by the senior professionals of the Firm, with the goal to facilitate immediate learning and to achieve a discreet level of autonomy in a short period.


If you are interested to apply for an internship or a job write us at
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